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Disney Information

posted Mar 4, 2014, 9:49 AM by Juleigh Miller

Dear Parents:

If your student is going on the Disney trip, please ask them for the Permission Packet that will be handed out today in band classes. 

It will contain important legal forms for taking students on long, overnight trips. All blanks need to be filled in and returned to either a band director or the band box in the band office.

The medical form will need to be filled out again even if you filled one out in August.

For multiple students in band, please fill out a separate form for each person.

Parent Meeting-

There will be a parent/information meeting on Tuesday March 11th at 7:15 in the band room right after the rehearsal. 

Disney Parade Practices- 

Tuesday and Thursday March 11th and 13th. Students must wear their Disney Parade Uniform to these practices. 

Attire for Disney Parade and Parade Practices- 

Black dress pants (no jeans, no cargo pants, no sweat pants, no parachute pants, no capris, no pajama pants, no "any kind of pants that has a word other than 'dress' and 'pants' pants"), Black long socks, Black Dinkle marching band shoes, Band Polos tucked in to the dress pants, black belt optional, and a white under shirt.

"Business Casual" or "Dress Pants" is usually defined as no outside pockets, no off-color seams or stitching, and no denim. 


The weather for the practices will be cold so wear the appropriate uniform described above and a coat. We will be inside for as much of the time as possible. Long sleeve, white undershirts will be fine to wear in practice. 

Orlando's average temperatures are from a low of 56 to a high of 79. http://www.weather.com/weather/monthly/USFL0372

Disney's Expectations-

Disney has extremely high standards for their guest performing groups. If we have any student wearing short socks or any other wrong part of the uniform, they will not be allowed to perform. If we have students who are not wearing the appropriate attire, Centennial may not be allowed to perform in such a high profile performance again in the future. 

Loading Luggage/Uniform Check-

Each student needs to pack their uniform in a separate bag within their luggage. This bag should contain long black socks, their band polo, black dress pants, and a white under shirt. We will have each student show their uniform before their luggage is loaded on the bus.

Each student will need one complete change on clothes in their carry on bag. We will drive all night and spend Thursday in the Animal Kingdom and Epcot before we check in to our hotel that night. Carry on bags must be small enough to fit in their lap. 

Each student will be allowed one carry on and one suitcase. The suitcase will not be accessible until Thursday night in the hotel.

More details regarding luggage will be addressed at the parent meeting on the 11th.


Michael Allen

Centennial Bands