A couple of people responded about this photo:

The first picture on the left is of the 2002-2003 jazz combo. It was taken behind the stairs at Bergners. I'm not sure of the exact date. The students in the picture are:

  • Nathan Newman, trombone
  • Kai Karlstrom, bass
  • Darren Warren in back on drums
  • Tom Siders, trumpet
  • Mr. Madden, keyboard (he must have been filling in for Ben Alwes that night)
  • Matt Stewart, bari sax
  • Chris Woolcott, alto sax

- Patti Gruber


How quickly we forget!! The first picture is the Jazz Combo at Bergners. Kai Karlstrom is on bass, Tom Siders on trumpet, Kyle Stewart on bari sax and Chris Wolcott on alto sax. The year was probably 2003. I can't remember the trombone or drummer. Dave Madden should know this one.

- Debra Hirschi