This photo was originally identified as possibly being from the band's first year. After first posting it, we heard from Susan Smith Ross, Class of 1974, with the following information:

"... I am in the photo as a flag carrier (the third flag carrier from the left -- the first black female one in the photo). During those times, the Lancers also served as the high school's flag carriers and drill team. We marched with the band at all football games. Anyway, I was a Lancer from 1971-73, so I would guess this photo is from 1971 or 1972. Because there are separate "rifle girls" in the photo, I'd guess it's from Fall 1972 (i.e., the 1972-73 school year). That's when we got a new band director, Mr. Wis (I believe) who was really into the "band thing." Before that, Centennial was never into competitions and precision routines on the football field. Mr. Wis had us working our asses off and participating in competitions and the like. My mom, Margaret Smith, used to work at Centennial in the Attendance Office before I arrived there (pre-1971), and the school had a band then. The first graduating class was in 1968 and I'm pretty sure there was some semblance of a band even back then. So, this photo is definitely not one of the "first" band. The photo, however, brought back lots of memories. Especially of the old steps in front of the school. I STILL can't believe they were removed!"        Susan Smith Ross, Centennial High School Class of 1974